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Happy Mothers Day by Number-Nine-Please Happy Mothers Day by Number-Nine-Please
I don't know where this belongs. But I made this for my mama! It was made out of regular clay. But the people at Walmart told me it was baking clay. So the first one was a dud. And I was almost completely out of white.

Anyways, this was like, my second try which looks just like the first (But chocolate instead of strawberry)

Oh and I based this off of multiple things I found off of Deviant art and other places (In my favorites I saved a few that stood out. Thanks everyone!)

:iconpunitotoro: Helped the most though, look at her tutorial. (:
PuniTotoro Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
wow yay im mentioned!!! and hey nice job for a first go!! i like how you made it a chocolate strawberry cake ^^ might make one myself now xDDD
Food-Frenzy Featured By Owner May 10, 2010
very vute~
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